1998 HEIDELBERG SM52-5P2 1998 Heidelberg SM52-5P2 Circa 50 million impressions Five colour offset press Maximum sheet size 360 x 520mm Convertible 5/0 or 1/4 perfecting Heidelberg streamfeeder Alcolor CPC1-04 Remote inking CP Tronic Plus version Autoplate, 50 Mil. Imp. 10738
2003 HEIDELBERG SM74-5P2+L Five colour offset press, Max sheet size: 520 x 740mm, Steel plate in feeder, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, Semi Autoplate, Auto washups, CP2000, Sixth unit Anilox coater, Heidelberg IR Dryer, 15.000 sph, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder spray unit, Steel plate in delivery, Circa 194 Mil. Imp. 10682
1996 HEIDELBERG SM74-5P Five Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 520 x 740mm, Convertible 2/3 or 5/0 Perfecting, Steel plate in feeder, Heidelberg Stream Feeder, SAPC, CP Tronic, CPC1-04 Remote inking, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, Auto Wash Ups, Heidelberg IR Dryer, Grafix Alphatronic powder spray, 147 Mil. Imp. 10863
2015 HEIDELBERG XL75-5+L Five Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 530 x 750mm, Prinect Press Centre, Inpress Control, Wallscreen, Instant Gate & Color Assistant, Pro License, Autoplate, Preset Plus Feeder & Delivery, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Ink Temperature Control, Technotrans Beta.C Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit, InkLine, Anilox Coater with Tresu, Chambered Doctor Blade, Infrared (IR) Dryer, Heidelberg FilterStar, Circa 60 Mil. Imp.  10953
2000 HEIDELBERG SM74-6+L Six Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 520 x 740mm, Steel Plate in Feeder, Heidelberg Stream Feeder, SAPC, CP2000 Remote Inking, Alcolor Dampening, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Auto Wash Ups, Heidelberg IR Dryer, Grafix Alphatronic Powder Spray, Circa 242 Mil. Imp 10951
1996 HEIDELBERG  SM102-6P Six colour offset press, Max sheet size 720 x 1020mm, Convertible 6/0 or 2/4 perfecting, Heidelberg stream feeder, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, CP Tronic, CPC1-04 Remote inking, Semi Autoplate, Preset, Steel plate in feeder  10638
1998 ROLAND 706 TLV Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Stream Feeder, RCI, Intellitrax Colour Bar Checker, Rolandmatic, Technotrans Chiller, Ink Temperature Control, Autoplate, Preset, Chrome Cylinders, Anilox Tower Coater,Grafix Hitronic Powder Spray, Eltosh IR Dryer & Hot Air, 262 Mil. Imp. 10950
1997 HEIDELBERG SM102-8P Eight Colour Offset Press, Converting 8/0 or 4/4 perfecting , Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Steel Plate in Feeder, Preset, Alcolor Dampening, Technotrans Refrigeration , CP Tronic, CPC1-04 Remote inking, Grafix Powder Spray, Steel Plate in Delivery, Circa 123 Mil Imp.  10853
1997 HEIDELBERG  SM102-10P Ten Colour Offset Press, Max. Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Steel Plate in Feeder, Alcolor Dampening, CPC 104 Remote Inking, CP Tronic, Grafix Exactronic Plus Powder Spray, Steel Plate in Delivery, Temperature Controlled Rollers, Technotrans Refrigeration / beta.c / beta ps Central Air Panel (cooled), Comp Air Pneumatic Compressor, 270 Mil. Imp. 10337
2008 HEIDELBERG XL105-12P Twelve Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 740 x 1050mm, Convertible 12/0 or 6/6 Perfecting, CP2000, TFT Screen, Preset Plus Feeder & Delivery, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario, Technotrans Ink Rollers, Temperature Control, Auto Ink Roller Wash, Auto Blanket & Impression Wash, Diagonal Register, Powder Spray, Inkline Straight 12 colour, 18,000 iph, New Transfer Jackets fitted June 2020, Impress Automatic Colour & Register 10952
2003 BUSCH BLS COUNTER PRESSURE RAM PUNCH For the Die Cutting of Labels and Plastics, Die-Cutting with Counter-pressure is required for minimising tolerances, Waste conveyor  10678
1997 BOBST SP76-BM Hot-foil stamping and embossing, Max sheet size: 560 x 760mm, Min sheet size:260 x 300mm, Centerline System for Quick Job Change overs, Bobst Electronic Machine Operating System CUBE, Pull Side Lay, Double Sheet Detector, 12 Independent Heating Zones, Foil advance and tension device, Foil advance Shaft Lateral Foil Guiding Device, 54,000 hrs  10873
1990 IBERICA AR80 AUTOMATIC CORRUGATED DIE CUTTER Equipped to Handle E B C Flute Stock, High Pile Feeder, Automatic Sheet Feed, Right & Left hand Side Lays, 2 Active Front Lays, Die Cutting Station, 1 x Chase, 1 x Plate, Stripping Station, Grip Edge Removal Conveyor, Non Stop Delivery, Max Sheet Size: 900 x 1400mm, Min Sheet Size: 500 x 600mm, Manuals & Tools  10728
1997 ANTER 750 For the manufacture of cut and creased carton board from 200 to 600 gr/m2. Complete with all furniture for the following functions Straight Line, Crashlock, 4 & 6 Corner, Pafra Glue System 10364
2008 STEINEMANN HIBIS 104 Rotary Spot and Surface Coating Machine Size: 74 x 104 cm, Mabeg pile suction feeder, UV, IR drying, flexo unit for full surface coating, Mirus fully automatic stacker, speed up to 7,300sph, sheet weight 85-400gsm, suitable for both spot & surface coating  9685
1998 SAKURAI  SC102A2 SCREEN SPOT COATNG MACHINE Fully automatic stop cylinder screen press, Max sheet size: 720 x 1020mm, Min sheet size: 370 x 560mm, Speed: 900 to 3,300, Stream feeder, Pull sidelay system, Suction feed belt, Trumax UV / IR Dryer, Deep pile delivery stack  10995
1996 SPS VITESSA FLEX  G2 SPOT COATNG MACHINE Screen Printing, Size 72 x 102cm, Mabeg Feeder, Natgraph Type 110-0220E, UV Dryer Cooling, 3 x Frames  10994
1987 STEINEMANN UVIMAT COMPACT 86 UV High Gloss Varnishing Machine, Steel Plate in Mirus Stream Feeder, Full Flood Coating, Regloplax Temp. Control Unit, UV Drying x 3 Lamps, Single Stream  10652
2006 AGFA AVALON LF PLATEMANAGER Agfa Azura CX85 Processor and Rip 10896
2011 SUPRASETTER A52 GEN III C/w Rip Washing Unit and Back Plate, 70,000 Plate Count 10895
2015 XEIKON 3500  Reel to Sheet Digital Web Press, 5 Colour Digital Print Units, Max Web Width: 516mm, Unwind: 1.5m diam on 6" Cores, Meech Vacuum Web Cleaner, Web Decurl Unit, X800 Server, Postscript 3 Rip Module, Web Varnish Module with Spot Varnish Capability, UV/AQ Curing, GEW UV Drying/Hot Air, Single Sided Corona Treater, Variable Length Sheeter, Waste Reject Gate, Rietstack Deep Pile Stacker, Substrates: Self Adhesive, Film, Paper, Foils, Board 40-350gsm 10195
2012 XEIKON 6000 DIGITAL WEB PRESS 5/5 COLOURS REEL TO SHEET 5/5 colours max, from reel to sheet, max web width 508mm, 600 DPI, total counter 10,7 mil. materials: paper, carton, plastic, linen, grammages 40 - 350 g/m2 11009
2007 CROSLAND TXG 325 PLATEN Size 870 x 1240mm with Dwell Timing, Pneumatic Clutch 10667
1997 HEIDELBERG M600 B24 630 CUT OFF WEB PRESS Max Web Width: 965mm, 630mm Cut-Off, Contiweb H4S5-CP-103 RH Automatic Splicer, 4 x Blanket to Blanket Heidelberg M600 Printing Units, Autoplate - Automatic Plate Loading, Oxydry Blanket Wash, Technotrans Dampening, Contiweb Dryer, Heidelberg Chills Web Catcher, Silicon Applicator, Heidelberg Multi-Product Folder with PFF Unit for Half Web Production, CP Tronic Press Controls  10851
1992 BLUMER ATLAS 110 AUTOMATIC LABEL PUNCHING LINE SE 18.1 Multiple Strip stack inserter, ST18 Strip cross cutter, D18 Punching unit, KD18 Stack separating, PB18.1 Banding unit, Touch screen control unit, Controlled chute delivery of banded product, Precut label size minimum: 25 x 45mm, Punched format min 20 x 40mm, Precut label size maximum: 150 x 180mm, Strip length min / max 350 / 1150mm, Strip width min / max 45 / 180mm, Stack height min/max: 30/100mm, Min. die scrap per side: 2mm, Machine stroke per min / 12-16 10872