1990 HEIDELBERG GTO52+ Single colour offset press, Max sheet size: 360 x 520mm, Single sheet feeder, Stork console, Low pile delivery, Powder spray unit, Gearing for numbering and perforating, Steel delivery trolley, Circa 30 million impressions G10797
2007 SAKURAI OLIVER 466 SD+L Four Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 508 x 660mm, Steel Plate in Feeder, SPC - Sakurai Plate Changing System, Programmable Ink & Blanket Washing, Motorized Ink Fountain Roller, Ultra-sonic Double Sheet Detector, SCC I- Sakurai Color Console Type-I CIP 3 Interface, Non-stop Delivery  G10596
1998 HEIDELBERG SM52-5P2 1998 Heidelberg SM52-5P2 Circa 50 million impressions Five colour offset press Maximum sheet size 360 x 520mm Convertible 5/0 or 1/4 perfecting Heidelberg streamfeeder Alcolor CPC1-04 Remote inking CP Tronic Plus version Autoplate G10738
2003 HEIDELBERG SM74-5P2+L Five colour offset press, Max sheet size: 520 x 740mm, Steel plate in feeder, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, Semi Autoplate, Auto washups, CP2000, Sixth unit Anilox coater, Heidelberg IR Dryer, 15.000 sph, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder spray unit, Steel plate in delivery G10682
2004 HEIDELBERG  CD74-5P-LX Five Colour Offset Press, CP2000, Autoplate, Perfector 2-3, Programmable washers, Alcolor  G10477
2008 HEIDELBERG  XL75-5+L-C Five colour offset press, Max sheet size 530 x 750mm (C Format), Steel plate in feeder, Prinect Center, Preset Plus stream feeder, Preset Plus Delivery, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Alcolor Dampening with Vario, CombiStar, Technotrans refrigerated recirculaton, Automatic inking unit wash-up device, Automatic blanket cylinder wash-up device, Automatic impression cylinder wash-up device, Tresu Anilox Chamber-doctor blade coater, Coating star, IR Dryer, Steel plate in delivery G10558
2007 HEIDELBERG XL75-P+L (F) Five colour offset press, Max sheet size: 605 x 750mm, Convertible 5/0 or 2/3 perfecting, Steel plate in feeder, Preset plus feeder, Alcolor Vario dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, CP2000, Auto washers, Sixth unit tower coater, Heidelberg IR Dryer, Extended delivery Preset Plus delivery Steel plate in delivery Circa 145 million impressions  G10829
1997 KBA 104-5+L Five Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1040mm, Colortronic Varidamp, Blanket Washers, Semi Autoplate, Preset, Cylinder Cocking  G10507
1996 HEIDELBERG  SM102-6P Six colour offset press, Max sheet size 720 x 1020mm, Convertible 6/0 or 2/4 perfecting, Heidelberg stream feeder, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, CP Tronic, CPC1-04 Remote inking, Semi Autoplate, Preset, Steel plate in feeder  G10638
2002 HEIDELBERG  SM102-8P Eight Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Steel Plate in Feeder, Preset, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Technotrans Refrigeration, CP2000 Press Center, Temperature controlled Rollers, Cleanstar, Combistar, Grafix Powder Spray, Steel Plate in Delivery, Circa 370 Mil. Imp.  G10058
2014 MAN ROLAND R708P+LV Eight colour offset press, Max sheet size: 720 x 1040mm, Mabeg RS105 Roll Sheet Feeder, APL, Auto Format Setting, RCI, Press Pilot Pecom, MAN Roland Deltamatic Dampening, Ink temperature control, Select Combi Center, Technotrans Beta C, Auto Ink Roller Wash, Auto wash up system, Blanket Washing Device for Coating Unit, Anilox Coating Unit, Preparation For Interdeck UV, UV Drying - Interdeck, UV White Cure SelectDryer Option, UV Drying - End Of Press, IR Dryer With Hot Air, Extended Delivery G10831
2005 HEIDELBERG SM102-10P Ten Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Perfector (5/5, 10/0), Prinect, Prinect CP2000 Center, Preset Plus Feeder, Non-Stop Pile Feeder, Preloading Device Attached, Intercom to Delivery, Pull Lay Control, Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector, AutoPlate, Alcolor, IPA Premium Measuring (Alcosmart), CombiStar Technotrans (Air-cooled), Program-controlled Washup Device, Chromed Cylinders, Blanket/Impression Cylinder Blowing Device (all PU), Jacket Transfer Drums (structural chrome), Cylinder Jacket for Impression Cylinder (Perfect Jacket), Preset Plus Delivery Normal (X0), PowderStar Exatronic Duo Plus, AirStar Pro (air-cooled)  G10616
1997 HEIDELBERG  SM102-10P Ten Colour Offset Press, Max. Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Steel Plate in Feeder, Alcolor Dampening, CPC 104 Remote Inking, CP Tronic, Grafix Exactronic Plus Powder Spray, Steel Plate in Delivery, Temperature Controlled Rollers, Technotrans Refrigeration / beta.c / beta ps Central Air Panel (cooled), Comp Air Pneumatic Compressor  G10337
2012 BRAUSSE 1050E AUTOMATIC DIECUTTER Max sheet size 730 x 1040mm, Max pressure 300T, Max speed 7,500 cycles per hour, Stock range 90- 600gsm, Corrugated: Up to B flute 4mm, Pre loader, Left and Right sidelays, push and pull, 10,815hrs  G10739
2003 BUSCH CL COUNTER PRESSURE PUNCH For the Die Cutting of Labels and Plastics (PE or PP Foil) for inmould labels, Die-Cutting with Counter-pressure is required for minimising tolerances, 5 Adjustable clamping arms, Safety light barrier, Max. die-cut size: 330 x 380 mm, Min. die-cut size: 80 x 100 mm, Circular products 365 mm, Waste conveyor  G10783
2002 BUSCH BLS COUNTER PRESSURE RAM PUNCH For the Die Cutting of Labels and Plastics, Die-Cutting with Counter-pressure is required for minimising tolerances, Max. die-cut size: 230 x 320 mm, Min. die-cut size: 20 x 20 mm, Circular products 260 mm, Waste conveyor  G10782
1990 IBERICA AR80 AUTOMATIC CORRUGATED DIE CUTTER Equipped to Handle E B C Flute Stock, High Pile Feeder, Automatic Sheet Feed, Right & Left hand Side Lays, 2 Active Front Lays, Die Cutting Station, 1 x Chase, 1 x Plate, Stripping Station, Grip Edge Removal Conveyor, Non Stop Delivery, Max Sheet Size: 900 x 1400mm, Min Sheet Size: 500 x 600mm, Manuals & Tools  G10728
1997 ANTER 750 For the manufacture of cut and creased carton board from 200 to 600 gr/m2, Complete with all furniture for the following functions; Straight Line, Crashlock, 4 and 6 Corner, Pafra Glue System G10364
1991 HEIBER & SCHRODER WP800 WINDOW PATCHER Single lane window patcher, Suction belt stream feeder, Gluing unit, Film unwind and cutting unit, Shingle delivery  G10688
1990 JAGENBERG JAPAK End of Line Automatic Packer, Range of Application: 200-600 g/m2, Max. Length of folded Carton: 535 mm, Max. Width of folded Carton: 400 mm, Min. Length of folded Carton: 50 mm, Min. Width of folded Carton: 50 mm, Belt Speed: up to 400 m/min G10759
1989 BOBST DOMINO 90 MATIC Straight-Line Only, Feeder with Pile Vibrator, 6 x Infeed Belts, 2 x Main Gauges, Pre-Breaker Left & Right, Folding Section Left & Right, HHS Electronic Glue System with 1 x Glue Gun, Transfer Section, Box Counter & Pneumatic Kicker, Timed Pressing Belt, Delivery Apron  G10193
 GANDOSSI & FOSSATI CS95 Straight Line Carton Gluer with Crashlock, Pafra APC Glue System, Protek Hot Melt Glue System (Nordson Tank) with 3 guns/Batch Counter, Max Width: 900mm, Min Folded Blank: 100mm,  G10509
1987 STEINEMANN UVIMAT COMPACT 86 UV High Gloss Varnishing Machine, Steel Plate in Mirus Stream Feeder, Full Flood Coating, Regloplax Temp. Control Unit, UV Drying x 3 Lamps, Single Stream  G10652
2015 XEIKON 3500 5 x Digital Print Units, Max Web Width 516mm/20.3", Unwind 1.5m Diam on 6" Cores, Meech Vacuum Web Cleaner, Web Decurl Unit, X800 Server, Postscript 3 Rip Module, Web Varnish Module with Spot Varnish Capacity, UV/AQ Curing, GEW UV Drying/Hot Air, Single Sided Corona Treater, Variable Length Sheeter, Waste Reject Gate, Rietstack Deep Pile Stacker G10195
2008 MILLER  JOHANNISBERG FOILER Max sheet Size 73 x 104cm, Converted for Hot Foiling, FTP Foiling System, 3 x Foil pulls, 6 x Heat zones, Refurbished 2008  G9673
2008 STEINEMANN HIBIS 104 Rotary Spot and Surface Coating Machine Size: 74 x 104 cm, Mabeg pile suction feeder, UV, IR drying, flexo unit for full surface coating, Mirus fully automatic stacker, speed up to 7,300sph, sheet weight 85-400gsm, suitable for both spot & surface coating  G9685
2006 STEINEMANN AQUA 110 Water Based Machine + Thermal System, Automatic Feeder with Alignment Gate, Brushes & Cleaning Calendar, Lamination Calendar with Adhesive Pump, Front & Side Lay Register, Drying Calendar & Over, Chilling Roller after Lamination, OPP & Hot Knife for PET films, Max Sheet Size: 110 x 142cm G10760
1999 SUPER COMO 220 2.2m Working Width, Power Back Gauge, Digital Programme, FFM Light Barrier Guarding System, Spare Blade G10464