2005 HEIDELBERG PM52-2 Two colour offset press, Max sheet size 370x520mm, Suction tape feed table, Alcolor automatic Film Dampening, Baldwin refrigerated recirculation, Autoplate, +Version, Numbering and Perforating Unit, CP Press Control console, Mediprint powder spray unit G11602
 AB DICK 9995A Two colour offset press, Max sheet size 340 x450mm, Min sheet size 90 x 100mm, Laser slit ink duct slides, Semi auto plate, Continuous film dampening, Centralized controls, 5 million impressions  G11660
2007 KBA KARAT 74 DIGITAL OFFSET PRESS Four colour offset press, Max sheet size: 520 x 740mm, Min sheet size: 210 x 297mm, KBA Streamfeeder, Gravuflow Inking, Full automatic plate change, Direct imaging heads, 10,000 sph, Stock 60 to 350 gsm, Storage for 20 plates  G11492
2000 HEIDELBERG SM74-5H Five Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 520 x 740mm, Steel plate in feeder, Heidelberg Stream Feeder, SAPC, CP Tronic, CPC1-04 Remote inking, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, Auto Wash Ups, Grafix Alphatronic powder spray, Steel plate in delivery, Circa 288 Mil. Imp.  G11595
2001 HEIDELBERG SM74-6-P3-H Six colour offset press, Max sheet size 520 x 740mm, Convertible 6/0 or 2/4 perfecting, Speed: 15,000 sph, Steel plate in feeder, Suction tape feed table, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, CP2000, Semi Autoplate, Auto wash up devices, Preset, Grafix Alphatronic spray unit, Steel plate in delivery, High pile delivery, Circa 205 million impressions  G11392
1998 KOMORI LITHRONE 628+DC Six colour offset press, Max sheet size: 520 x 720mm, Steel plate in feeder, Continuous feeder, Doyle sheet cleaner in feeder, Komorimatic dampening, Technotrans Alpha refrigerated recirculation, Ink chilled rollers, Ink Agitators, Semi Autoplate, Auto wash up devices cloth style, PQC, KMS Preset, Komori PDCS11 Chrome cylinders, Cylinder cocking, Spectral UV lamp after 6th unit, Seventh unit anilox tower coater, Dummy unit, Eighth unit anilox coater, Hot air / IR Dryer end of press, Spectral UV dryer end of press, Extended delivery, Grafix Digitronic spray unit, Steel plate in continuous delivery  G11456
2004 RYOBI R756P+L (TYPE 6E1) 2004 RYOBI R756P+L (Type 6E1) Six colour offset press Maximum sheet size 575 x 765mm Minimum sheet size 200 x 279mm Speed 15,000sph Convertible 6/0 or 1 /5 perfecting Steel plate in feeder Suction tape feed table Ryobi Semi auto plate change RYOBI-matic continuous dampening Technotrans refrigerated recirculation Automatic Blanket & Roller Wash PCS-G Off Press Ink Control PDS-E Print Density Control/Scanner AAC Aqua Automatic Control System Presets Double size impression cylinders Harris Bruno Anilox Coating System Eltosch IR Dryer Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray Extended delivery Steel plate in high pile delivery Circa 119 million impressions  G11329
2011 HEIDELBERG SM102-8P Eight colour offset press, Max sheet size 720 x 1040mm, Steel plate in feeder, Non stop and pre-loading device, PressCenter, Wallscreen, Autoplate, Preset Plus at Feeder and Delivery, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, All washers, Combistar, Weko AP500 Powder spray device, WashStar, Water cooled cabinets, Steel plate in delivery, Circa 373 million impressions  G11579
1998 HEIDELBERG SM102-10P6 Ten colour offset press, Max sheet size 720 x 1020mm, Convertible 5/5 or 10/0 perfecting, Steel plate in feeder, CPC 1-04 remote inking, CP Tronic, SAPC plate change, Ink Temperature chilled rollers, Technotrans Refrigerated recirculation/ beta.c / beta ps, Central air panel (cooled), Grafix Exactronic plus powder spray, Steel plate in delivery  G11341
2005 FIDIA COMBI UNICA FOLDER GLUER + VETTA Size max. 76 x 100cm, size min. 14cm x 24cm, Vetta free standing unit for glue flaps and cross folds, Presentation folders of many kinds, Special Envelopes,CD/DVD wallets with 1 or 2 pockets, CD/ DVD wallets with 1 to 4 reinforced compartments, Photograph Frames, Photograph pockets with two compartments, Book covers with flaps, Flexible book covers  G11106
2006 STEINEMANN COLIBRI 74 Mabeg Automatic Pile Suction Feeder, Fully Automatic Stacker, Air Knife, Max Sheet Size: 74 x 104cm, Stock Handled: 70-600gsm  G11123
2007 SITMA C80/750 POLY WRAPPER INSERTING LINE 1 x 526 Module, 3 x 675 Rotary Feeders, 2 x 975-AD Newspaper Feeders, 7,200sph, Longitudinal Sealer, 1 x 584R Counter Stacker Delivery, Product Size: Min/Max Length: 150mm-500mm, Min/Max Width: 100mm-350mm, Min/Max Thickness: up to 200mm, Plastic Film Type: PE-OPP-PVC - All commercial Shrink Films G11543
1998 BILLHOFER EK76-50 Fully Automatic Laminating Machine, Thermal - Waterbased, A-10-P Deep Pile Feeder, TM76 Separator, Film Unwind, EK76-50 Laminating Unit, Delivery Table, Sheet Size: 76 x 114cm, Excellent Condition  G11434
2012 SAKURAI MAESTRO 102A-II WITH NATGRAPH UV DRYER Fully automatic stop cylinder press, Max sheet size 750 x 1050mm, Min sheet size 297 x 420mm, Steel plate in feeder, Suction belt feed table, Push and pull sidelays, Antistatic equipment, Techniclean sheet cleaner, Natgraph UV Drier, Compressor, ICS Chiller Unit, Camera inspection at delivery, Natgraph stacker delivery, Immaculate condition. G11585
1988 SVECIA MARATHON CYLINDER SCREEN PRESS High speed screen printing machine, Max sheet size:760 x 1020mm, Min sheet size: 400 x 500mm, Svecia fully automatic stream feeder, LH/RH side pull registers, Integrated sheet control sensor, Quick action frame cramps, SPJD-UV Svecia power jet dryer, SAP-c Auto pile downstacker G11621
2012 MAGNUS 400 III QUANTUM PLATESETTER Laser type Quantum Laserhead - 830 nm - Thermal-CTP, Min. plate size: 300 x 228mm, Max. plate size: 685 x 762mm, Image speed up to 38 plates/hr, Multi-Cassette-Loader (3 Cassettes), Kodak processor, PlateStacker 850 + Trolley, Harlequin Rip, 1-Bit-Tiff-Connection (XPO) + Windows-Computer ( Matoria)  G11312
1992 BLUMER ATLAS 110 AUTOMATIC LABEL PUNCHING LINE SE 18.1 Multiple Strip stack inserter, ST18 Strip cross cutter, D18 Punching unit, KD18 Stack separating, PB18.1 Banding unit, Touch screen control unit, Controlled chute delivery of banded product, Precut label size minimum: 25 x 45mm, Punched format min 20 x 40mm, Precut label size maximum: 150 x 180mm, Strip length min / max 350 / 1150mm, Strip width min / max 45 / 180mm, Stack height min/max: 30/100mm, Min. die scrap per side: 2mm, Machine stroke per min / 12-16 G10872
2006 BUSCH SE90 PILE TURNER B2 Pile Turner without air or jogging, Max sheet size 600 x 750mm, Max pile height 1200mm, Min pile height 290mm G11670
1994 HALM JET JP-TWOD-P 2 COLOUR OVER-PRINTER Two colour Halm 3inch machine, Single cast iron feeder, Delivery table, counter clock, Alcohol dampening. New Rollers on both heads, refurbished top feeder with new chains, sprockets, belts and shell gears. The cylinders are slightly worn so not suited to tight register jobs however great high speed single colour envelope press for up to C5 size envelopes. G11576
2014 HUNKELER UW6-C DIGITAL UNWIND UNIT Max roll dia: 1370mm, Min / Max roll width: 165-520mm, Operator touchscreen  G11571
1995 KBA METALSTAR 1 Complete Metal Decorating line, Four colour offset litho printing press, Stream feeder and powered roller in feed, Baldwin alcohol dampening, Colourtronic off press control, GEW UV dryer with air cooling - three single lamp interdeck units and a three lamp end stack curer. Extended delivery and powered roller out feed, Mailander 460 Coating line with with wicket drying hot air tunnel, Agfa Xcalibur VLF 80 XT Thermal CTP plate maker, Max sheet size 1200 x 1000mm, Min sheet size 710 x 630mm, Sheet thickness 0.12-0.4mm, Speed: 6,500 sph  G11597
2010 ROTOFLEX 4 COLOUR FLEXOGRAPHIC PRINTING PRESS For the printing of film & paper via CI cylinder, 4/0 - 2+2 Printing, Max Print Width: 650mm, Material Width: 300-650mm, Unwind Dia: 600mm, 76mm Expandable Cores, Hot Air Drying between Ink Units, Hot Air Cassettes in bridge G11603
2002 THANDO 105P AU T.V Pile turner with programmable aeration, Steel plate machine, Max format: 800 x 1200mm  G11661
2001 WINKLER + DUNNEBIER 102 Paper Splicer, Equipped With 5 Print Units, 1 Inside, 4 Outside-All Chambered Doctor Blade. Window Section Equipped With a Magnetic Cylinder. Window Film Splicer. High Speed Window Patcher. Profile Cutting With Magnetic Cylinders. Side Flap Gumming Unit And Application Roller. Self Seal Envelopes/Laytex.  G11580
1996 WINKLER + DUNNEBIER HELIOS 527 GSV For the manufacture of pocket windows blank fed, With Cold Glue, Peal and Seal Unit. Various Window, And Blank Cutters, American letter bags pointed and wide closure, 1 x Internal Flexo print unit, 2 x External Flexo print units, Can Also Manufacture Envelopes with Outside Side Seams. Max envelope size 190 x 292mm, Min envelope size 76 x 127mm  G11457
1975 WINKLER + DUNNEBIER 141GR Equipped With 1 x Inside Print & 2 x Outside Print Units, No Window. The Machine Can Manufacture Gummed Envelopes Only. Min Size Of Envelope: 125mm x 175mm-Wallet, 125mm x 175mm-Banker. Max Size Of Envelope: 305mm x 420mm-Wallet. 250mm x 420mm-Banker.  G11471
2016 XEIKON 3050 REEL TO SHEET DIGITAL PRESS 5 Colour Roll fed digital press, CMYK +White, Continuous feeder, Web unwind unit, Missing sheet detection, LED array-based, dry toner electrophotography, Full Rotary, 1200dpi, X800 Control console, Barcode reader, Coating unit water based and UV, Sheet cutter, Sheet stacker  G11584