1987 HEIDELBERG GTO52+ Single Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 360 x 520mm, Standard Dampening, Single Sheet Feeder, Low Pile Delivery, Gearing for Numbering & Perforating, Wooden Feed & Delivery Boards G8773
1979 HEIDELBERG KORD 64 Single colour offset press, Max sheet size: 460 x 640mm, Speed max 6.000 c/h, Low pile delivery  G9815
1981 HEIDELBERG GTOZP46 Two Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 330 x 460mm, Single Sheet Feeder, Conventional Dampening, Gearing for Numbering & Perforating, Low Pile Delivery G9624
1989 HEIDELBERG GTOZ-52+ Two Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 360 x 520mm, Single Sheet Feeder, Standard Dampening +Version including Numbering & Perforating Device G9614
2000 ROLAND 202TOB Two Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 520 x 740mm, Roland Mabeg Feeder, Suction Tape Feed Table, Rolandmatic Dampening, Refrigerated Recirculation, Low Pile Delivery, Powder Spray Unit G9795
2006 HEIDELBERG  CD102 Four colour offset press Maximum sheet size 720 x 1020mm Minimum sheet size 280 x 420mm Steel plate in feeder Heidelberg streamfeeder Preset feeder Prinect Print Center Cylinder cocking Auto wash ups via Print center Chrome cylinders Alcolor Vario dampening Technotrans refrigerated recirculation Sheet decurler Semi Autoplate Grafix Betatronic powder spray unit Steel plate in delivery Circa 120 million impressions  G9883
2002 KBA RA105-4 PHWA Automatic Plate Change, All Washers  G9722
2005 KBA RAPIDA  RA105-4 Semi-Automatic Plate Change SAPC, KERSTEN Antistatic, Baldwin Roller & Blanket Washing System, IR Dryer KBA VariDry, WEKO Powder System, Printed 140.000.000 G9931
2004 RYOBI 524 GXP Four Colour Offset Press, Convertible 4/0 or 2/2 Perfecting, Max Sheet Size: 360 x 520mm, Ryobimatic Dampening, Ryobi PCS Control, Semi-Automatic Plate Change, Automatic Ink Roller, Blanket & Press Cylinder Wash, Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray, Technotrans Cooling & Circulation G9690
2011 SHINOHARA 92 IVH Four Colour Offset Press, Straight, Max Plate Size: 625 x 920mm, CIP3, Shino Console Remote Ink Control, Shinomatic Dampening, Shinohara Pre Inking System (SPIS), Baldwin Refrigeration, Semi Auto Plate Clamping, Auto Roller Washer, Auto Blanket Washer, Baldwin IR Dryer, High Pile, Powder Spray G9626
 MITSUBISHI DIAMOND LS3000-4+C Four colour offset press, Coater with 2 roller system, Extended delivery, IPC II Intelligent Press Control high speed separator, Vacuum Feeder Tapes, Feeder Board Vacuum Hold-Down System, Sheet trend monitor with one-touch realignment function, Pneumatic Side-Lay, Ink Temperature Control, Mitsubishi multi-mode dampening systemcool & circulation device, SAPC, Infra Red Dryer, Automatic ink roller & blanket wash up, Delivery with Aero Chamber, Double Sheet Control, Decurler, Powder spray Max. sheet size : 720 x 1020mm  G9821
2011 HEIDELBERG XL75-5+L-C Five Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 530 x 750mm (C Format), Steel Plate in Feeder, Prinect Center, Inpress Control, Preset Plus Stream Feeder, Preset Plus Delivery, Ultrasonic Double Sheet Detector, Alcolor Dampening with Vario, Inking Unit Temperature Control, CombiStar, Inkline, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Auto Inking Unit, Blanket, Cylinder & Impression Cylinder Wash Up Device, Tresu Anilox Chamber Doctor Blade Coater, IR Dryer, Steel Plate in Delivery G9657
2007 MITSUBISHI D1000LS-5 Five colour offset press with coater, Max sheet size: 520 x 740mm, Steel plate in feeder, Continuous feeder, Suction tape feed table, Semi Auto Plate Change, Auto cloth type blanket, plate & Imp cyl washers, Chrome Impression Cylinders, Mitsubishi Alcohol dampening, Baldwin refrigerated recirculation, Comrac remote inking console, Intellitrax colour scanner, Cylinder cocking, Sixth unit dedicated Anilox coater, Baldwin IR Dryer in extended delivery, Grafix Digitronic Powder Spray Unit, Steel plate in delivery G9806
2007 KOMORI LS529M Five colour offset press, PQCS Console, AMR Automatic Make Ready, KMS IV Monitoring System, Grafix Digitronic Sprayer, SAPC, IR dryer Graphiset 2, Auto Ink Roller, Blanket & Cylinder Wash, Komorimatic Dampening with Technotrans Alpha D Refrigeration and re-circulation unit, Full Transfer Cylinder, Declutch System Max Sheet SIze: 53 x 75cm, Paper Thickness Max: 0,60mm, Max Speed: 15.000 sheets / hour  G9820
2007 ROLAND R705 Maximum sheet size 740 x 1040mm, Direct Drive System, Extended Delivery, Color pilot D Densitometer, APL Full Automatic Plate Change System, Full Automatic Plate Change at Coating Unit, Grafix Cantronic spray unit, Infrared IR Dryer and hot Air, Anilox Coating Unit, Technotrans Ink Temp, AlcoSmart, Full Automatic inking Rollers Washing, ?mpression Cylinder Washing System, Coating Unit ?mpression Cylinder Washing System, Combined ?mp. Cylinder Washing on Printing Units and Coating. Blanket washing System , The Machine is in a very good Condition.  
2004 ROLAND 905 8B 5 Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 130cm x 185cm, ColorPilot Plus, PIAB System, ProfitPlus Alcosmart, Inline Measurement, Remote Register Adjustment, Blanket Wash-up Device, Pneumatic Sidelay, Roland Deltamatic Dampening System, PECOM Press Centre, Preset - Automatic Size Device, Electromechanic Double-Sheet Control, Chromed Cylinders, Automatic Wash-up Device, PPL, RCI Ink Control Remote, Technotrans Combi Refrigeration & Ink Temp Control, AlcoSmart Alcohol Metering, WEKO AP 260 Sprayer  G9684
2006 KBA RA105U-5 Five Colour Offset Press, Max sheet size 720 x 1050mm, CX Full Auto Plate Change + Pneumatic Plate Bending Device, Cooling Unit, Kersten Anti Static Device, Auto Blanket, Roller & Impression Cylinder Wash, Inking Roller Cooling, Ipasonic Alcohol Metering Device, Weko AP262 Powder Spray with Ionisation, Plate Punch, Ir Dryer - Rapid Dry  G8946
2013 KBA RAPIDA RA105-5+L CX ALV2 SAPC Cardboard Package CX, Semi Automatic Plate Change SAPC, Non-Stop Feeder & Delivery, KERSTEN Antistatic, All three Washing Systems BALDWIN, Inking Unit Temperature Control, IR Dryer KBA VariDry, H&B Coating Unit, Extended Delivery 2400mm ALV2 Ergotronic Color Control, Ergotronic LAB, Ergotronic ACR Automatic Register control, PowderMax with Anti Static Equipment, Printed 78.000.000 G9930
2005 HEIDELBERG CD74-6-P2+LX-F 6 Colour Offset Press, CP2000, Elevated, Preset Plus at Feeder and Delivery, Non stop at Feeder and Delivery, Combistar, Water Cooled Press  G9719
2012 KBA RAPIDA 75-6 Six Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 520 x 750mm, Straight Machine, Ergotronic Control Console, Techkon SpectroDrive Colour Bar Scanner, High Pile Feeder, Steel Plate in Feeder, Autoplate, Alcocontrol, Technotrans Alpha Recirculation, Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray, Auto Ink Roller & Blanket Wash Up, Interface CIP3 System, Steel Plate in Delivery, High Pile Delivery  G8781
1990 ROLAND R606 Six Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 530 x 740mm, Steel Plate in Delivery, RCI Remote Inking, Rolandmatic Dampening, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Air Drums, Weko Ionomat Powder Spray Unit, Steel Plate in Feeder  G9048
2004 MAN ROLAND R706-LTTLV 6 Colour Offset Press, Machine Control, Pecom-console with Jobcard, CCI - remote desk control, Roland Mabeg Nonstop Feeder, Antitstatic, Double Coating Unit (LTTLV) with Dispersion Coating, APL - Automatic Plate Loading, Quickstart, Washing Out Coating Pumping System Device, Temperature Control Device in Ink Fountains, Ink Rollers, Impression Cylinders, Blanket Cylinders Automatic Wash Up Device, Ink Temperature Control, Roland Seccomatic IR/TL/UV End Dryer, Grafix Cantronic Periphery G9554
2006 KOMORI S40 L840P Eight Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 Perfecting, Komori Stream Feeder, Auto Plate, Blanket and Impression Cylinder Washers, Preset, SAPC, Komorimatic Dampening, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Steel Plate in Delivery  G9699
1999 KOMORI L840P Eight Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm, Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 Perfecting, Komori Stream Feeder, Auto Plate Blanket and Impression Cylinder Washers, Preset, SAPC, Komorimatic Dampening, Technotrans Refrigerated Recirculation, Steel Plate in Delivery  G9408
1998 KOENIG & BAUER RA 104-10 SW5PWHA  Ten Colour Offset Press, Max Sheet Size; 720 x 1040mm, Convertible 10/0 and 5/5 Perfecting, Colortronic, Varidamp Dampening, Semi Automatic Plate Change, Automatic Inking Roller Washing Device, Automatic Blanket Washing Device, Automatic Impression Cyl. Wash, Weko Powder System, Baldwin Cooling Device, Grafix IR Dryer, Becker Compressor  G9455
1998 MPS EP330 Unwind with Roll Lift, BST Web Guide, Web Cleaner, Corona Treater, 7 x Flexo Print Stations, 7 x GEW UV Dryers, 7 x Chill Rolls, Video Inspection Camera, 2 x Rotary Die Stations, Anti-Static Bar G9829
2007 NILPETER FB3300-S Web Width: 350mm, Print Width: 340mm, Web Cleaner, Corona Treater, 8 x Flexo Print Stations, 8 x GEW UV Dryers, 8 x IR Dryers Cold Foil Lamination Station, Web Turn Bar, 1 x Rotary Die Station, 1 x Slitting Station, 1 x Waste Rewind, BST Powerscope Inspection Camera, Chiller  G9831
1989 ASAHI SIMON AP1020 CARTONMASTER Automatic Diecutter, Stream Feeder, Double Sheet Detector, Max Sheet Size: 740 x 1020mm, Die Cutting Size: 730 x 1020mm, Corrugated Board up to 5mm A Flute, Max Pressure, 250 Tons  G9689
2010 HEIDELBERG DYMATRIX 145 CSB Pre make ready table, Fully automatic non stop with servo drives, Transport equipment for solid and corrugated board, Side lay drive side, Chase with fixed make ready plate, Thin cutting plates, Tool frame with Centerline, Top and bottom stripping unit, Blanking unit, Quick lock frame, Set of universal blanking tools, Set of mounting parts for separation, All manuals and tools included  G9776
1972 BOBST 1420E Automatic die cutter, Stream Feeder, Steel plate in feeder, Sidelay detection, Stripping section, Maximum sheet size 102 x 142, Minimum sheet size 50 x 70, Running speed 4,500, 600 Tons, C/w 2 x Chases  G9738
 WUPA AUTOMATIC DIECUTTER PAL IIIB  Automatic die cutter, Mabeg Stream Feeder, Steel plate in feeder, Sidelay detection, Stripping section, Minimum paper size: 360x500mm, Maximum paper size: 800x1120mm  G9890
1993 BOBST SP102SE  G9884
1995 VEGAPACK 34/3 End of Line Carton Stacker  G8777
 FIDIA COMBI UNICA  cw ESTRO CAPACITY FOLD UNIT Folder Gluing Machine, Max Sheet Size: 760 x 1000mm, Deep Flat Pile Feeder, Robatech Hot Melt Gluing with 2 Guns, Plough and Fold Unit, Belt Delivery, Double Sheet Applicator, Estro unit for production of capacity folders 1 pocket or 2 pockets up to 15mm capacity  G9553
2007 SBL TS-1000NMWS Straight line, Double wall, Crash-lock, 4-6 corner, Motorization for size change, Electric vibrator on a feeder, Vacuum belts on a feeder, Blank alignment section, Prebreaking section, Crash-lock bottom, 4-6 corners device, Glue extrusion system, Nordson 2 guns attached, Glue wheel, Pneumatic press conveyor  G9814
1992 MITSUBISHI FULL CORRUGATING LINE Web Width: 2200mm, 2 x Single Facers; Model 50F B,C & E Flute, Anilox Glue Rolls, Single Knife, RHDPG, 300 LM/Min, Mitsubishi Pre-Heater, Mitsubishi Reel Stands 53C with Wichita Brakes, Torres Splicer, E&L Corrtrac Web Guide, Double Backer, Mitsubishi 57E Slitter/Scorer, Corrugator Stacker, Amylum Starch Kitchen, IFM Cut to Mark, Tiruna Corrugated TC Rolls  G9483
1990 BOBST 142 FOUR COLOUR FLEXO PRINTER Max Sheet Size: 1020mm x 1420mm, Min Sheet Size: 500mm x 700mm, Mechanical Speed: 7.500 sheets/hour, Vacuum Stream Feeder, 4 Flexo Print Units, Vacuum Transfer with Ceramic Anilox Rolls and Doctor Blade System, Automatic Stacker  G9617
1998 MECBI 8 COLOUR C.I. FLEXO PRESS Sleeve on Cylinder, Sleeve change outside machine, BST Inspection video, Tresu chamber doctor blades, Gas Drying, 8 electric ink pumps, Unwind flying splice, Rewind flying splice, Reliance drives, 13 anilox, 14 sets of sleeves 320mm - 610mm  G9304
1983 FISCHER & KRECKE 14DF/6 CP FLEXO CI PRESS 6 Flexo Print Units, Unwind type : Turret with flying splice, Rewind type : Turret with flying splice, Drying type : Gas, Edge guide(s), Number of aniloxes: 6  G8403
2013 MTEX 5032 PRO Wide Format Sublimation for Textile Printing, Auto Feed and Take Up System, Integrated IR Drying, Continuous Ink Feeding, Central Control Operation, MTEX Rip, Print Speed: 58sqm/hr, Roll Size: 3.2m wide/0.4m diam  G9796
2002 KODAK CRS LOTEM 800 Thermal Imaging platesetter, Two cassettes, max 100 plates, Brisque Rip, Kodak Processor with bridge and Stacker  G8827
2005 ECRM MAKO 2 CTP & PROCESSOR Violet Image setter, 60 MW Laser, Plate sizes up to 22 x 26.4, HEIGHTS INCA 70P Processor  G8972
2000 STEINEMANN COLIBRI 102 UV VARNISH MACHINE Mabeg Stream Feeder with Steel Plate, Suction Transfer Table, Coating Unit, Varnish Pump with Heating, 3 x UV Lamps, Mirus Deep Pile Stacker, Space required 3 x 12 mtrs  G9550
2000 DURRER REGA 4 FULLY AUTOMATIC INDEXING MACHINE REGA 4 processes products in formats A4-A6, Formats max. 320 x 250mm, min. 130 x 90mm, Book thickness max. 25mm (depending on product), Cut form angular cut, form cut, Cover hard and soft cover, Output max.100 - 1'500 pieces per hour, Change-over time 15 - 60 Minute (to change product and cut form)  G9472
2008 HORIZON BQ460 4 Clamp Binder, LCD Touch Screen Set Up, Milling, Gluing and Nipping Station, Cover Feeder  G9584
1969 WINKLER & DUNNEBIER ROTARY POCKET ENVELOPE MACHINE: MODEL 49L Overhead Transfer Unit, Peel & Seal Unit, Rotary Hot Air Drying. Specification: Max Size: 265mm x 400mm, Min Size: 100mm x 130mm, Max Speed: 180 envelopes/min (depending on size)  G9810