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Case Binding

For all your used Case Binding machinery equipment.
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Case Binding for sale

Kolbus BF2000S
Kolbus BF2000
Kolbus BF543
Kolbus BF40
Kolbus EMP 70
Kolbus EMP 40
Kolbus EMP 36
Kolbus DA232
Kolbus DA240
Kolbus DA Stratos
Kolbus DA Chronos
Kolbus DAS36
Kolbus DA36
Kolbus GDS
Kolbus GD
Kolbus KD
Kolbus FM
Kolbus VA
Kolbus RB
Kolbus FN
Kolbus AR
Kolbus LE
Kolbus HL
Kolbus PK-PK
Kolbus PK
Kolbus KS
Kolbus PE
Kolbus PF
Kolbus SU
Stahl BL500
Stahl BL200
Stahl VBF Line
Oschner Gilding
Horauf BDM 30 casemaker
Horauf BDM 20 casemaker
Horauf BDM 10 casemaker
Hunkeler VEA 520
Hunkeler VEA 400
Colmatic Endsheet paster
Sulby Back Liner
Smyth 3 Wing
Also available


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